Had we but world enough in time…

I don’t know about any one else. But I have problems with time. Not so much my usage of time, as I could certainly become more efficient. But for a diverse and vivacious personality, time is an obstacle. The sheer spectrum of possibility seems endless, the personal interests and the hours of the day just do not fit, they are like trying to fit lego into missing pieces of a jigsaw pieces. I am creative and write… I have such a number of projects I don’t the time to complete. Such as about 4 or 5 novels that are just abandoned documents huddled and alone in the lists on my computer. Plays that have acts written, but the characters are in search of an author with Pirandello nowhere to be found. Add to that time to research competitions, publishers, theatres and agents to send all these too, as well as sending out my poetry. On top of that I have books I want to read myself as sources of inspiration and out in out personal interest that if written on white pieces of long flowing paper, could wrap around and mummify the earth by the length of the damn thing. Add to that a desire to learn languages, spanish and italian being the languages I have a particular interest to learning. What about other aspects of life? Well I’m a vegan and want to write vegan things, go to protests to further the message of cruelty free living, meet up and enjoy the company of other vegans also. There is an inherent sporty aspect to me also in which I enjoy following teams in football and basketball so in watching the games, having an interest in the sport more broadly to comprehend the climate, understand the pinnacle so I know where my teams are in the lay of the land and make sense of them intellectually, as a sociocultural aspect also. As well exercising one self in order to both keep healthy and to keep a competitive spirit and desire to achieve current within yourselves by actively indulging in a setting of clear cut competition regularly… Then too add that I enjoy painting and drawing and wish time to paint properly, explore images, see things I want to paint or add things to in the freedom of a canvas to make a point in pursuit of my own exhibition some day also. The movies and theatre, I want to indulge into what the film and theatre has best to offer also in pursuit of  insight, distraction, enjoyment and inspiration that comes with such things… And not forgetting of course hanging around with actual people and giving them time, and being with them for the pleasure of being with them. Particularly my best friend who one definitely could not leave out…. Then when it comes time for bed I don’t want to sleep. I want more. I haven’t done enough, seen enough, wrote enough, read enough, learnt enough, progressed enough, advanced enough, contributed enough. Twenty four measly hours to garner a fulfilled existence. – Had we but world enough in time… 



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