Upcoming Projects

Currently finished a novel called Regrettably Male that is awaiting publication.

Plays coming in the future through other theatres and self produced pieces. For prospective companies and enquirers here is a brief list and small synopsis of some of my works written for the stage.

Romeo and Juliet – A romantic comedy on a modern couple having to live up to the hauntings and fictional expectations of the famous fictional counterparts who share their name.

God vs Love – A satirical comedy that sees God go out of control in his science experiment in the pursuit of the worship of his subjects over the exploits of the fallen angel himself, Cupid.. The fat baby who was too fat to fly. With his orphaned life amongst the tribe of romantics Cupid seeks to bring love to the world where God with the help of his assistant Jesus, demands worship. With Adam and Eve as the focus for each force, who of the two will win out.. God or Love?

Innocence is a chameleon – A drama where a scottish dairy farmer with a rough past sees his wife go through a difficult and complicated pregnancy. The experience of life and loss going through him and the joy of being a father alters him in ways that goes against everything.

The play – A play about an audience waiting for a play, in which they are forced to interact. The sense of art and the experience of the theatre have them anxious as they ponder the delay.

Home and Away – A family drama that explores the place football holds in father and son relationships. How the conduct of each and it being the foundation for their bond has in informing each of them about the rest of life.

Froze out – A drama about a homeless woman and her dog. Exploring friendship, loyalty, sacrifice, betrayal, addiction and the roughness of the vagabond down and out existence of the pairing.

Blood or blood  – Family drama about a mother and daughter drifting apart because of the principled choices of the daughter and the laissez faire dismissal of change by the mother. They each consider what does family mean in the hope of salvaging something. But will things ever be the same?

I also have a large number of short plays too.



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